Small Business & Cash Management Online Banking

Our Business Online Banking service is good for smaller businesses or those businesses with limited online banking needs.  Included in the service is balance reporting, multiple users with controlled access, account transfers, online bill payment, online statements, and check imaging – all available from a single login. 

In addition to the above features, Cash Management Business Online Banking offers these additional services:

  • Automated Sweeps

Automated sweeps allow you to conduct automatic transfers between deposit accounts in order to keep the balances within a specified set of limits. When the account falls outside of the specified limits, the system will transfer only enough funds to bring the account back within the limits. An email alert will be sent notifying you about the transfer. (Set-up required.)

  • Online Payments

Wire Transfers – This program gives you the opportunity to move funds between 1st Security Bank and other domestic financial institutions. (Approval required.)

ACH Origination– Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic processing system that eliminates paper-based transactions. ACH Origination allows you to originate both debit and credit transactions; pay your employees electronically to their bank accounts and make payments to vendors.  ACH accelerates collection of funds and lowers your costs, simplifying your accounting. (Approval required.)

Online EFTPS Payments – The Electronic Funds Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is a program that provides the ability to pay federal taxes electronically. (Approval required.)

  • Online Statements

Can help prevent mail fraud and identity theft by allowing you to view your statements and sensitive financial information online rather than through the mail. Online statements are also available several days before paper statements arrive.

To apply for Business Online Banking or Online Cash Management, please contact one of our branches, call us at 800-683-0973, or send us an email:

Access your accounts through your mobile device available for both Small Business and Cash Management Online Banking

Download our free app at the App Store or Google Play for easy access to your account from your smart phone or tablet! For more information, see our 1st Mobile Biz Frequently Asked Questions here.


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