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How we help

Supporting local nonprofits doesn’t stop with banking. We go above and beyond to help local organizations grow.

We create awareness through special events featuring nonprofits, including our annual Mission: POSSIBLE! Educational event.


We give every employee 16 paid hours of volunteer time each year and encourage activities through local nonprofits.


Every November, we give qualifying local nonprofits grants of $100-$250 each.

Community rooms

As a complimentary service, our nonprofit clients can schedule time in meeting rooms at select branch locations.


We encourage bankers to use their community connections to help nonprofits find talent, grant partnerships, and more.

Employee Banking

In addition to our special nonprofit bank accounts.

Smart, Driven, Kind

Our partner network

We partner with more than 100 nonprofits throughout Washington and Oregon. Although we are always looking for ways to expand our collaborations, we are proud to support the lifesaving work our current partners have done in these areas and beyond:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Social justice
  • Domestic violence intervention
  • Poverty relief
  • Senior services
  • Legal assistance
  • Community development
Community Partner Gallery
"1st Security Bank has been there to help financially with our capital projects and our short-term cash flow needs. Their friendly employees have reached out to help personally with our mission work. 1st Security definitely provides that personal touch that we have not found in previous banking relationships. Top-notch!"
Lifelong's Chicken Soup Brigade
"After 40 years of banking in Seattle, I have finally found a real banking home for my nonprofit organization and for my family. Warm, authentic, capable staff with a huge commitment to building a strong, diverse community."
Denise Klein, Executive Director, Wider Horizons
“During a time of transition and change at Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center, 1st Security was the first bank to say, “We are neighbors. How can we help?” We value businesses that can provide the services we need, while at the same time build partnerships within our community. 1st Security Bank is that bank.”
Lindsay Klarman, Executive Director, HSDC
"We appreciate 1st Security Bank's partnership in caring for this community. This is a bank that really cares, and invests in making a difference in the lives of our local families.:
Jennifer Silveira, Executive Director, Angel One Foundation Food Bank