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We offer a full list of home loan products, many unique to our bank, including our Portfolio Loans and Buyer Advantage program for new construction purchases. 

From our online application and borrower portal to our Hybrid eClosing option, we work with you from consultation through funding and beyond. We want to be your lender for life! 

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You can manage every step of your online application through our secure borrower portal.  

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Our online banking portal is a convenient and secure way to view, manage, and pay your existing home loan.

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Home Lending Questions

How do we know what is the best type of financing for our particular family's situation?

The best way for you to determine which program would best suit your family's needs is to sit down with a loan officer and they will explain all of your financing options. Things to consider are: family size, how long you plan to stay in the home, current and projected income and debts, credit history and cash available to close. We are uniquely positioned to have almost all financing options available to us that anyone could want and/or require.

Can the seller pay for my down payment?

No. However, the down payment can be a gift from a relative or non-profit organization, or be borrowed if the loan is secured. The seller can pay for the borrower's closing costs, if negotiated.

What if I have no money at all?

There are programs that offer a no-down-payment option and, in conjunction with seller contributions, can make it so that you will not need to spend any out-of-pocket money to buy a home. Additionally, we can show you other ways to purchase with no cash up front.

How do we get prequalified for our first home?

By answering the questions in the online application section or phone consultation with a loan officer. Both can give you a ballpark idea of what price range you can afford. The next step is to get preapproved so that the money you need is already committed to you; this gives you the strength of a cash buyer when you make an offer.

Can closing costs be rolled into my loan if I refinance?

All of your costs can be included in your loan amount on a refinance program. A notable exception to this is if you are doing a streamline refinance, or if your equity is not large enough to accommodate these costs. Sometimes it is preferable to do a no-cost refinance. It is our job to help you through this decision process.

How can I use equity in an existing home toward the purchase of a new home?

There are several ways to use your equity to buy a new home. The most common ways to obtain your equity are bridge loans, second mortgages, home equity lines of credit, or trade equity. Each option has a different impact on your qualifications, and costs for each option vary.

How do I go about listing my home?

Listing your home is easy. The hard part of listing comes with choosing the right agent to market your home and keep YOUR best interests in mind. We work with most of the top agents in our market area and would be glad to recommend a qualified agent.

Should I lock in?

This is the hardest part of any transaction--knowing when rates are at their best. If current rates suit your needs, locking in your loan will protect you from any rise in rates, and would be recommended. Unfortunately, nobody can tell you what rates are going to do. The best we can do is help you identify at what rate it might make sense for you to lock-in, and what economic reports are coming out that may impact the market.

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