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Our Business Online Banking service is good for smaller businesses or those businesses with limited online banking needs. Included in the service is balance and reporting, multiple users with controlled access, account transfers, online bill payment, online statements, and check imaging - all available from a single login.

Business Mobile Banking

1st Security Business App

Download 1st Security Bank’s business mobile app through the Google Play or Apple App store. Use 1st Security Business to manage your accounts, transfer funds, or approve and initiate ACH or Wire payments (additional approvals apply) while on the go. With the 1st Security Business mobile app, your mobile device becomes a branch in your hand.

1st Security Bank Business App
1st Business - App Store1st Business - Google Play

Helpful Hints:

  • > When setting up the app, make sure you have your Activation Code readily available to input.
  • > Remember to never share your PIN or Activation Code with anyone. These codes are specific to your login and should be kept private at all times to avoid unauthorized access.

1st Security Mobile Token

No longer will you need a physical token or fob to re-authenticate the approval or initiation of your Wire or ACH payments from within Business Online Banking. Simply go to the Apple App or Android App store, download the 1st Security Mobile Token, and complete the necessary registration steps to have a token in the palm of your hand.

1st Security Bank Mobile Token App
1st Security Mobile Token - App Store1st Security Mobile Token - Google Play

Helpful Hints:

  • > The 1st Security Mobile Token can only be used as a secondary authentication method if you are initiating or approving ACH or Wire payments through the Web portal. 1st Business Mobile Token cannot be used if initiating or approving ACH or Wire payments through Secure Browser or the 1st Security Business Mobile application.
  • > When setting up the app, make sure you have your Activation Code readily available to input.
  • > Remember to never share your PIN or Activation Code with anyone. These codes are specific to your login and should be kept private at all times to avoid unauthorized access.
  • > Make sure to have your PIN ready when initiating or approving an ACH or Wire payment as the randomly generated code is only good for a limited time once created.

1st Business Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks from your tablet or mobile phone using 1st Business Mobile Deposit. You no longer need to come into the branch or find an ATM to deposit checks. Instead, deposit checks from the comfort of the office or while out in the field.

Helpful Hints:

  • > Cash Management customers will need to download and register the 1st Security Bank Business Mobile app prior to accessing 1st Business Mobile Deposit.
  • > The maximum your company can deposit with mobile deposit each day is $10,000.
  • > Different daily deposit limits can be assigned to your users that count towards the company’s overall daily limit.
  • > When depositing a check, please ensure it is endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit at 1st Security Bank of Washington” to ensure it is accepted. Checks not endorsed this way may be rejected.
  • > Deposits are processed Monday through Friday with the exception of Federal Holidays which are considered non-business days.
  • > Deposits made before 4PM will post to your account by end of day. Checks deposited after 4PM will be posted by end of day on the following business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm locked out. How can I have my PIN reset?

If you’re in Secure Browser, click “Forgot PIN?” and you will be prompted to re-register through Secure Browser. If you’re an admin user, please call us at (877) 372-4249 for your activation code. If you’re not an admin user, please call your company admin user and have them retrieve your activation code for you.

If you’re logging in through a web browser, please call us at (877) 372-4249 for assistance with resettng your PIN.

Q: How do I download Secure Browser?

You can download Secure Browser from the Business Online Banking login portal here: Business Online Banking Login

Q: Where can I find more information about how to use Business Online Banking?

Comprehensive User Guides can be found in the Resource Center

Q: Why am I on the Cash Management platform when I don't have any Cash Management services?

The Cash Management platform is for customers who use cash management features such as ACH, Wires, and RDC, and also allows you the option for your company to use these services someday as your business continues to grow. Standard Business Online Banking is a scaled back version of the same system, without the room for additional growth. Eventually all users will be on the Cash Management platform.

Q: How can I make a tax payment?

Tax payments are now incorporated into the ACH payments module. If you need to make a tax payment, please call us at (877) 372-4249 so we can get your profile set up to send Tax Payments. The ACH User Guide in the Resource Center at has step by step information about sending ACH payments.

Q: How can I access additional services like Bill Pay, RDC, Lockbox, or Positive Pay?

If you are registered in Secure Browser, all your entitled services will be available on the Apps page when you first log in to Secure Browser. If you have not registered in Secure Browser, you will access your additional services the same way you always have.

Q: Can I set up an additional admin user?

Yes. Admin Users are able to set up multiple users as Admins. Admins in Business Online Banking have the ability to manage other users and the company’s accounts.

If you would like additional information on any of these services or need further assistance please contact us at (877) 372-4249 Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM.


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Remote Deposit Capture



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