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CardValet app

CardValet is a free app that enables cardholders to safeguard their debit and credit cards from fraud.

Turn off your 1st Security Bank debit card or credit card when it is not in use, customize alerts to be notified when someone is using your card, set transaction limits, and so much more. Now you have the chance to control "your card, on your terms".

Download the CardValet app today:

Contact your local branch to open an account or learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a mobile card management app and fraud mitigation tool for our cardholders. CardValet gives you the freedom to manage and customize your card usage and settings from the convenience of a smartphone.

CardValet will display the last 50 of your registered card’s transactions that were posted within the last 30 days.

Yes. You can view the balances on each account that is linked to your registered 1st Security Bank debit card(s).

Yes, transactions can be restricted by region (zip code) or by proximity of your primary device.

Yes. CardValet can either send you alerts for whenever a card transaction occurs, or you can set up certain parameters on when alerts will be sent. These parameters can be set by location, merchant type and amount of transaction.

Visit our FAQ page for more questions and answers about CardValet.