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Premier Cash Management

Upgrade your Business Online Banking with premier cash management services

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Alternative deposits

Convenient deposit options when you can’t make it to a branch.

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Fraud prevention

Protection against deceptive transactions.

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Merchant services

Set up credit/debit card processing, payment terminals, and more.

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Sweep accounts

Automated transfers that keep your balances in order.

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Armored car services

Safe ground transportation for cash and other valuable deposits.

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Foreign exchange services

Simple global fund transfers.

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Your Cash Management Experts

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Premier Cash Management

Save time with services that reduce the complexities of payroll and taxes. ACH origination, wire origination, and EFTPS payments let you transfer money to others with ease.

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Alternative deposits

We know you can’t always make it to the bank, which is why we offer convenient alternatives for making a deposit.

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1st Express Deposit

It’s for you if:
Your business deposits checks frequently and wants to reduce trips to the bank

  • Features
  • Check-scanning service
  • Make remote deposits online, using a compatible scanner, or thru remote deposit software
  • Most deposits submitted by 4pm PT Monday-Friday are credited same day

Payment Lockbox

It’s for you if:
Your business wants to outsource payment processing

  • Features
  • Bank-accessible lockbox
  • Have your customers send payment directly to the lockbox
  • Our secure payment processing center sends you information for reporting
  • Speeds collection of your receivables

Fraud prevention

Keep your cash safe and get help if the worst happens. Our fraud prevention services are a great way to build a strong defense that’s always working on your behalf.

Check Positive Pay Services

Traditional Positive Pay

Monitor account activity with ease. Upload a record of the checks you’ve issued and we’ll check transactions automatically as they post. Any discrepancies are sent to you for review. Stay on top of cash flow with convenient reports on items paid, voided items, and items not yet paid.

Reverse Positive Pay

View all checks presenting for payment so you can validate them against the checks you’ve written. It’s great for businesses that want to verify there haven’t been any duplicate or tampered checks, but don’t want additional review services.

Payee Positive Pay

Payee Positive Pay is the same as Traditional Positive Pay with the added security of validating the check’s payee name. Simply upload a record of the issued checks, including payee information, and as the checks come in, the system will verify them as they post.

ACH Positive Pay Services

Filtering Positive Pay

Add information in ACH Policies to create a list of approved companies that are authorized to electronically credit and/or debit their accounts. Using this list of ACH Policies, the ACH Positive Pay system reviews and filters incoming ACH credits and debits and only those that match the ACH Policies are submitted for processing. Any item that does not match an ACH Policy is presented to the customer as an exception which must be reviewed and decisioned in the Positive Pay system by 11am PT on the business day they were notified of the exception.

Blocking Positive Pay

If an account has ACH Block, all ACH Debits and Credits are blocked and presented to the Company to be reviewed as exceptions that must be reviewed and decisioned in the Positive Pay system by 11am PT on the business day they were notified of the exception. With the block in place, the Bank cannot process any authorized or unauthorized ACH debit from the account.

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Merchant services cash management

Merchant services

Whether your business is brick and mortar, online, or both, we’ve got tools to help. Simplify the way you accept payments so you can keep growing.

  • Secure credit and debit card processing
  • EMV-enabled terminals
  • Virtual terminals
  • Payment processing
  • Training and activation
  • Gift card services
  • Customer service
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Business sweep accounts

Put your money where you need it most. Sweep accounts let you set up automatic transactions between accounts to meet a wide range of needs.

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Standard Sweep Account

Need to keep a minimum balance in your checking account? Set up a daily sweep to add funds from another account when you’re short, or sweep the excess into an interest-bearing account.

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Zero Balance Account

Want to combine funds from multiple locations or sources into a primary account? Daily sweeps automatically transfer money to your master account to optimize cash flow.

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Credit Sweep Account

Looking for an easy way to keep cash flow consistent? Pair your checking account with a line of credit. When funds fall below a set amount, your credit will make up the difference. Later, excess funds are automatically swept to pay off the balance.

Armored car services

Protect valuable cash and other deposits with your choice of armored transportation. Each solution can be tailored to your unique needs.

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Transportation with Cash Services
  • Secure delivery and pickup
  • Funds secured in single-use bags with deposit slip
SafePoint® Virtual Vault
  • Physical vault on-site
  • Deposits are validated in a SafePoint Titan® smart safe
  • 5-year commitment required with Loomis

Foreign exchange services cash management

Foreign Exchange Services

Take your business beyond borders. We make it easy to send and receive funds from around the world.

Canadian check deposits

1st Security Bank accepts checks from Canadian banks. If the check is issued in Canadian dollars, we’ll deposit the equivalent amount in US dollars. It may take several days for funds to appear in your account while we wait for the check to clear.

Foreign wire transfers

Send funds to other countries, either in US dollars or in the destination country’s currency.

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Put us to work for your business

Take financial concerns off your plate so you can focus on what matters most. We want to be your partner in building a profitable future.

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