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Your 1st Security Bank Debit Card now comes with added security for your in person purchases and ATM transactions at chip enabled terminals. The chip embedded in your card safeguards yours finances from counterfeit fraud, theft and skimming by producing a single-use code to validate transactions. Keep your mind at ease knowing your transactions are more secure with your 1st Security Bank debit card.

How it Works



•What if a retailer doesn't have a chip-enabled card reader?

If a retailer hasn't switched to a chip-enabled card reader, don't worry! You'll 'swipe' your card on the terminal. 


•Can I still get a non-chip card?

No, 1st Security is committed to card security, and chip technology is an important, proven tool that helps guard your finances from counterfeit fraud. Consumer and Business debit cards will all transition to the chip.

•Can I still use my chip card to make purchases online, or by phone?

Yes! There is no change to that process. Chip cards can be used to make these purchases the same way as is done today.


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