Personal Debit Card

A 1st Security Bank Visa® debit card is the perfect way to make purchases while shopping in person or online. Similar to a credit card, you can use a debit card to pay at a point of sale terminal.  You may also opt for "cash back" at many retail outlets, or use your debit card to withdraw cash at an ATM. Best of all, the debit card withdraws funds directly from your checking account without any monthly or annual usage fees.

Personal Debit Cards

To receive a 1st Security Bank debit card, you must have an active checking account with 1st Security Bank. Please contact your local 1st Security branch for more information.

Once you receive your card, you can select or change your PIN via the Card Self-Service IVR, toll free at 1-800-992-3808. You can also change your PIN at any 1st Security Bank ATM.

CardValetĀ® App

CardValet is an app that enables cardholders to safeguard their debit and credit cards from fraud. Benefits of this app include the ability to turn your 1SB Debit Card off when it is not in use, customize alerts to be notified when someone is using your card, set transaction limits, and so much more. Now you have the chance to control "your card, on your terms." Download the CardValet app from Apple's App Storeā„  or from Google Play™ today!

If you have questions about CardValet, please check out our FAQs or give Customer Service a call during business hours.

1st Debit Design

Customize your debit card using your favorite photo to make your card, your way!

Card Image Guidelines

Image Requirements:

  •     The image needs to be a digital photo in .jpeg, .bmp, .png, or .gif format.
  •     The image size must be a minimum of 840 x 840 pixels and no larger than 10 MB (megabytes).
  •     A clear, sharp image taken at high resolution will produce the best results.

Cardholder supplied images and/or text should not contain:

  •     Political statements
  •     Advertising, promotional text, slogans, copyrighted or trademarked material
  •     Phone numbers, URLs
  •     Brand names or branded products
  •     Celebrities, athletes, musicians, public figures, etc.
  •     Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or any other payment brand references
  •     References to any VISA sponsorship property, such as the Olympics or NASCAR
  •     Socially unacceptable groups
  •     Provocative or sexual content
  •     Profanity, obscenities, or nudity
  •     Violence, firearms, weapons, or ammunition
  •     Alcohol or tobacco
  •     Any content that might result in problems at point of sale or interfere with security features of the card
  •     Any content that might infringe, denigrate or dilute the Visa brand or its member financial institutions
  •     Culturally insensitive images
  •     Images that depict illegal or anti-social behavior


  1. Who is eligible to receive a customized card?
    1st Security Bank customers with active consumer checking accounts are eligible to order a customized debit card.
  2. Will my customized card have the same card number as my existing debit card?
    No, your 1st Debit Design card will have a new number. You will need to provide your NEW debit card number to any merchants you have authorized to charge recurring transactions to your card (such as cable or internet service).

To view more FAQ's, click here.

Create My Card

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If your 1SB Debit Card has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at (800) 683-0973. To reach us from outside the US, please call +1 (614) 564-5105.

If calling after normal business hours:

The After Hours Card Care Center Support team will be able assist with the following:

  • Transaction Inquiries
  • Travel Requests
  • Lost or Stolen Cards
  • Dispute Assistance
  • CardValet Assistance

For all other inquiries, please contact us via email or call during normal business hours, Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM


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