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Account Charges and Fees
Abandoned/Dormant Account $60/closure
Account Overdraft Transfer from Savings or Checking $10/transfer
Account Research
Legal Claims & Orders, Immigration Account Verification, Balancing Account/Checkbook, General Account Research
$10/15 minutes
Armored Car Cash Services** Quote available
Debit Card—Replace
First 2 cards per account are free
Debit Card Rush Orders $50/card
ATM Use—Out of Network $2/use
Cancelled Check Copy $2/copy
Check Cashing
Non-Customer cashing an "on-us" check
Courier Service
Subject to time of delivery and location
Quote available
Check images with Statements $3/month
Check 21 File Processing Fee $250/month
Counter Checks
3 checks per page, minimum 1 page
Custom Mail Processing $5/month
Canadian Foreign Check Deposit $15/deposit
Fax Notifications $5/fax
Inactive Account
All checking/savings and money market accounts after 365 days of inactivity
Insufficient Funds (Paid/Returned Item)
Overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means when funds are not on deposit
Legal Processing Fee
Requests for information from government and enforcement agencies, including, but not limited to: levies, subpoenas, and garnishments
Medallion Signature Guarantee
  • Customer
No charge
  • Non-Customer
Not available
  • Customer
No charge
  • Non-Customer
Cashier's Checks $5/check
Returned Check (Deposit item) $10/item
Sales Draft Copy (Visa Debit Card) $10/copy
Special Handling $10/month
Statement Copy $3/each
Stop Payment
  • Domestic
  • Online
  • One-Time LOC Sweep Set Up Fee
  • To/From 1SB Commercial LOC
  • Deposit Sweep—ZBA Master Account
  • Deposit Sweep—ZBA Sub Account
Undeliverable Statement $5/each
Verification of Deposit or Loan Account $10/each
Visa/MC Cash Advance Processing Fee
Advances by Phone
Wire Transfers
  • Wire Service Fee
  • Wire Trace Fee
  • Wire Notification
  • Incoming
  • Outgoing—Domestic
  • Outgoing—Domestic eWire
  • Outgoing—International in US funds
  • Outgoing—International eWire
  • Outgoing—International in Foreign Funds
1st Express Deposit
Remote Deposit Capture
  • One-time RDC Set Up Fee
Cancellation Fee
Within First 12 Months of Service
  • Single-Feed Scanner Included
  • Single-Feed Scanner Customer Purchased
  • Multi-Feed Scanner Included
  • Multi-Feed Scanner Customer Purchased
  • Additional Scanners—Single-Feed
  • Additional Scanners—Multi-Feed
Business Online Banking
Multi-user logins, QuickBooks compatible, balance and detail reporting, transfers, stop payments and Bill Pay
No charge
Cash Management Online Services
In addition to the services listed above, businesses will also have access to ACH* origination, EFTPS*, Wire modules in addition to Standard Features Wire Transfer*
*services subject to approval
  • One-Time ACH Set-Up Fee
  • ACH Service Fee
  • One-Time EDI report Set-Up Fee
  • EDI Report Fee
Fraud Prevention
One-Time Positive Pay Set-Up Fee
Reverse Positive Pay, Per Account $10/month
Traditional Positive Pay, Per Account $10/month
ACH Positive Pay, Per Account $10/month
Image Lockbox Services
With Premier Business Checking only. Contact Business Services at (877) 372-4249 for pricing information
Fees based on the type of service(s) required

**Cash services includes placing change/currency orders and verifying manual deposits (deposits with deposit slips). Additional fees may apply

Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fees

If you are a Columbia Bank safe deposit box customer, you will keep using your safe deposit box at the same branch location, with your current box keys.

Size Automatic Payment from a 1SB Account Without Automatic Payment
2 x 5 $30 $35
3 x 5
4 x 5 $40 $45
5 x 5
2 x 10 $45 $50
3 x 10
4 x 10 $65 $70
5 x 10
6 x 10 $80 $85
7 x 10
8 x 10 $100 $105
9 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 11
Other Service Charges and Fees
1st Security Bank will choose the Locksmith. Includes travel time/mileage
$200 minimum
Safekeeping Drilled Contents $5/year
Lost Key $10/key
Late Payment Fee $10/year