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Current Schedule of Fees and Charges
Abandoned/Dormant Account $60/closure
Account Overdraft Transfer from Savings or Checking $10/transfer
Account Research
Legal Claims & Orders, Immigration Account Verification, Balancing Account/Checkbook, General Account Research
$10/15 minutes
1st Debit Design Visa Debit Card $10/card
Debit Card—Replace
First 2 cards per account are free
Debit Card Rush Orders $50/card
ATM Use—Out of Network $2/use
Cancelled Check Copy $2/copy
Check Cashing
Non-Customer cashing an "on-us" check
Check Images with Statements $3/month
Counter Checks
3 checks per page, minimum 1 page
Canadian Foreign Check Deposit $15/deposit
IRA/HSA Annual Maintenance Fee
Fee waived with 1st Platinum Checking
Inactive Account
All checking/savings & money market accounts after 365 days of inactivity
Insufficient Funds (Paid/Returned Item)
Overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means when funds are not on deposit
Legal Processing Fee
Requests for information from government and enforcement agencies, including, but not limited to: levies, subpoenas, and garnishments
Medallion Signature Guarantee
  • Customer
No charge
  • Non-Customer
Not available
  • Customer
No charge
  • Non-Customer
Cashier's Checks $5/check
Returned Check (Deposit item) $10/item
Sales Draft Copy (Visa Debit Card) $10/copy
Statement Copy $3/each
Stop Payment $30/stop
Undeliverable Statement $5/each
Verification of Deposit or Loan Account $10/each
Visa/MC Cash Advance Processing Fee
(Advances by Phone)
Wire Transfer
  • Incoming
  • Outgoing—Domestic
  • Outgoing—International in US Funds
  • Outgoing—International in Foreign funds
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fees

If you are a Columbia Bank safe deposit box customer, you will keep using your safe deposit box at the same branch location, with your current box keys.

Size Automatic Payment from a 1SB Account Without Automatic Payment
2 x 5 $30 $35
3 x 5
4 x 5 $40 $45
5 x 5
2 x 10 $45 $50
3 x 10
4 x 10 $65 $70
5 x 10
6 x 10 $80 $85
7 x 10
8 x 10 $100 $105
9 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 11
Other Service Charges and Fees
1st Security Bank will choose the Locksmith. Includes travel time/mileage
$200 minimum
Safekeeping Drilled Contents $5/year
Lost Key $10/key
Late Payment Fee $10/year