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Getting Started

1) Fund your new account

2) Update your automatic payments

3) Close your old account

4) Explore all your account has to offer

1) Fund your new account

Move money into your new account by making a deposit. Remember to reassign direct deposits or other recurring credits you have coming into your account. Once your new account is funded, it is active and ready for your use.

2) Update your automatic payments

Review your previous account for any automatic transactions such as gym memberships, subscriptions, auto loans, or bills. You will need to update these with your new 1st Security account number.

3) Close your old account

Once all of your automatic transactions have moved to your new account and any outstanding items have cleared, you may go ahead and close your old account and transfer the remaining balance. When your old account is at a zero balance, you will need to contact your former financial institution instructing them to close the account.

4) Explore all your new account has to offer

Your new account comes with all sorts of perks and great features, backed by a team of helpful, committed, and local employees ready to serve you. Explore 1st Rewards, included with our 1st Platinum and 1st Gold checking accounts, great rates on CDs, Money Markets, and savings accounts, flexible mortgage and personal loan options to fit every need, and more.

Stay connected

Download the 1st Security Bank mobile app for all the convenience of online banking, now on your phone.

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1st Rewards

Stretch every dollar further with exclusive savings on everything from health care costs to local hot spots.

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Better savings

Get great rates and terms on everything from risk-free CDs to high-yield savings accounts.

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Lending experts

We're your lending partner with flexible loan options for everything from your first home loan to a personal line of credit.

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Download Forms

Checklist Form


Account Form


Automatic Payments Form


Direct Deposit Form


Download All

Download All

Useful information to have readily available

  • Your former bank account number and routing number
  • Your 1st Security Bank account number and routing number
  • 1st Security Bank's routing number is 325182289
  • Name and address of your current employer (if using direct deposit)
  • Name and address of any company that charges your account (for automatic payments)
  • Your social security number

Need assistance or have any questions? Contact us, we're happy to help!